Behind the NAME

Behind the LOGO


Who are you?


You are looking to expand your presence and experience in the aviation finance sector. You need advice from experts in the aviation finance industry.  ATHYENIA can advise you on a variety of topics related to the Aviation Finance sector


You are:


A FINANCIAL INSTITUTION:  Risk policy; credit committee file format elaboration; understanding aviation asset based risk; understanding aviation finance structures (export credits, finance and operating leases, tax leases, EETC structures, bonds, portfolio evaluation...)...


AN INVESTOR: How to sort through the jargon and know what it takes to make safe and good returns on your investments; aviation asset and aviation portfolio evaluation; Setting up a lessor; Buying into a bank...


AN AIRLINE OR AIRCRAFT OPERATOR:  Understanding banks and bank credit committees and what it takes to get credit approval: puting together a convincing presentation to a bank or an investor; Who to talk to?


AN AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER: Designing an export credit policy to present to governments; Lasu or no Lasu?


AN EXPORT CREDIT AGENCY: What does it take make your guarantee attractive to the capital markets; adapting the guarantee to an evolving market...



These are just some thoughts.  Contact ATHYENIA to discuss ideas and potential solutions to issues you are facing.