What We Stand For

Win-Win Relationship Building

We seek to inspire confidence between all parties and players and bring our absolute best to our clients. We set ourselves apart through our passion in the Aviation Industry, our expertise nurtured by endless curiosity and our thirst for innovation, learning and sharing. We take pride in our multi-cultural focus and in achieving Win-Win relationships for all.

Quality, Bespoke Advisory

What we do at Athyenia matters.  But we also pay attention to how we do it. What we stand for are our core beliefs, guiding and unifying our actions and behaviors. They are based on the diversity of our pluri-cultural background and experience, as well as the many different perspectives that diversity brings to complex issues. Our advice and services are tailored to the specifies of each and every client.

Environment and SAF

The Aviation industry has become conscious of environment protection considerations over the last few years and an enormous set of actions, including the transition towards greater use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) are already underway to fight climate change and improve the industry’s carbon footprint.

This is happening now, its global and its here to stay. At Athyenia we advise on innovative solutions that address climate change and help improve a financier’s, an airline’s or an aircraft lessor’s environment record. The initiatives and solutions are practical, scalable and replicable and demonstrate how the industry is tackling climate change

Athyenia is a multi-lingual environment capable of working in English, French and Spanish.